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A Plan to Hunting Job as a TEAM (Deprecated)

Since many friends and me are trying to hunting job in the US. I realize there should be a place for us to discuss and share. I am think if I could build some thing that may be used for that. We will benefit from that tool and I will benefit from building that tool. Even some friends may join us building this tool and make it open-source.

Generally, this tool should have serveral parts:

  • Coding Board
  • Discuess Board
  • Shared To-Do-List

Coding Board

Most importantly, users are willing to have a place to post their coding puzzles, for asking help or for sharing good questions. The main page of coding board is a list of post, along with title, poster, participants, tags(help, good stuff), and time.

Clicking into a item in the list, it will go to the this puzzle page. It will show detail info of this puzzle. Next to the page, it will appended by a set of comment or answer to that puzzle. Also they could use @ sign to mention someone. (So far it is just like the github issue).

The editor for create new post should markdown and syntax highlights.

More features like assign helper to solve question and email notification.

Discuess Board

Users shared job info on this board. Like a good position opening. Or some interview experience sharing. Basicly, I this lit version of Coding Board. (Why not github)

Shared To-Do-List

I found myself can not live without a todo list. And I think it will be more powerful in incenting people to get shit done. Combining the coding board with the todo list, I kinda feel that will promote people to code more. Well, in a second thought, people may not that will to share their todo list. They are just not that enjoy making personal thing pulic to others. And they may feel guilty when they feel not finished the todo list, and don’t want others know. So quite a few people may not share their todo list.

In the End: Just use Github

In the end of writing this post, I convinced myself not to build a customed tool specifically for this thing. It cost me too much, and just not gain too much, and people won’t get too much better from this tool. Github is pretty well builted to fit most of the requirement. So why just make a repo, set a set of rules, and let them to join.