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A Phone Number Matching Regular Expression

I used to void learning regular expression, because they looks too dry to digest. And in most case when I wanna use them, I can find existing ones on the web. But there are always a shadow in my mind that it is important. The shadow forms from when I found a lot of JavaScript books spending a whole chapter introducing Regular Expression. Weeks ago when I was reading Jeff Atwood’s Effective Programming: More Than Writing Code, I read a chapter talking about phone screen. It point out five main part in phone screen.

  • Coding
  • OO Programming
  • Scripting and Regular Expression
  • Data Structure
  • Bits and Bytes

The Regular Expression hits me, and make me starting learn it. After reading the recommanded MDN Article and a video presented by Lea Verou, I start to do the sample task on Jeff’s book about Regular Expression.

A phone number match

Two kinds of phone should be matched: (123)-321-4321 and 123-321-4321.

First, the method I use is


it will return ture if match, false if not.

Let’s do the first case. a “(” at the begining, so /(/. Then three number and a “}”, so /(\d{3})/. Then just “–” and three and four numbers, so


In the second case, there is not “(”. So “(” should occure once or not, so add a “?”.


However there is a false positive for something like 123)-321-4321. The solution is make it occur for both “(” and “)”, OR neither of them. so


Everyone told me how powerful Regular Expressiuon is, so I guess there are much more for me to discover.