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Something About Me

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I am new-graduated student from University of Pittsburgh with a master degree in Information Science. I love technical stuffs. I start playing with computer at a fairly young age at about 10, which is specially young in a ordinary teacher family in China. My first OS was windows 98 on TCL desktop with a Celeron CPU. My first internet connection is I still cannot forget that existment. Fellowing technical move on the internet now is my daily routine.

My specific area is front-end development. I love playing with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. My first expose to font end stuff is in middle school around 2003, where we were guided by teacher to add a small piece of JavaScript to a HTML page in Dreamweaver, that could make an bunch of fancy stars flying around the mouse. I was shocked by that an have nothing to figure out that magic code.

During my undergraduate 4 years, I formally start learn programming. It was completely a stuggling experience because nobody was guiding me. I mess around with C, asp, Java, C#, .Net and finally PHP. It is a little bit embaressing to say that I love PHP. But at that time I find PHP so easy to understand and so flexiable to do what I want. With PHP, I built a CMS with two of my best friends Sean Luo and Ivy Liu. Now I still consider it a great work.

From the begining I feel myself love visual things. I hate reading when I was at a fairly big. I love drawing and watching. I can tell what is beauty and what is not. I also like programming. Then font-end development naturally come to my things to do. I start focusing my tech area to front-end from last two years since my intern at Cisco China RD center. My role is web developing. My works was appreciated by my colleagues and manager for it nice looking, good usibility. At that time, I start to learn JavaScript in deep level by reading Nicholas C. Zakas’s Professional JavaScript for Web Developers and Douglas Crockford’s JavaScript: The Good Parts.

Now I am armed with modern font-end workflow with Mac, Sublime Text, Chrome DevTools, Git, Github, Front-end MVC, Grunt, Yeoman, Modular Pattern, etc. JavaScript I moving really fast and is becoming a super language that can do anything. More importantly, JavaScript comes with a better community that everyone is more like to open, share, help. It indeed have a lot of problem with the language itself that lots of arguments happened everyday. But argument is a good thing. It make things better. And I feel lucky that I am not get lost in the fancy tech world. In the following career that I am facing, I am pretty sure that what I should do and what I can achieve.