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WeightTracking a Sample iOS App With Swift

Trying to learn somthing new. Turns out that I am try to lose weight. Qi is a iOS developer. So why not bulid a sample iOS app that can tracking my weight.

The requirement: – a input field to enter weight and a optional datetime picker to chose time (default to current) – a list that show all records that was entered. – ablity to edit the data in case wrong input. – diagram of change of weigth by time – should be about to tell weigh’s loss/gain by week/month – auto-sync with remote storage

Screen: – screen 1: input field of weight, and a button to toggle datatime picker. top right button to show changing diagram – screen 2: changing diagram. top right button to show all record in list, click to edit – screen 3: edit single record.

Development is on going. The github repo is

To bo continued.