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First Two Weeks Using MacBook Pro 13 Inch With Retina Display 2013 Late Version

I bought the new macbook pro right after the latest release of MBP on Apple’s event. I was so existed about the new macbook pro, and I becoming more and more display my PC. There are a lot to talk about my loving on the new macbook pro, and lot of dis-lovness of my samsung PC. It’s too late and I want to post this blog before sleep. So let me be short for the most important benefit.

Oh, by the way, Apple just release the Bug fix for this macbook I using, which happens to be freeze on daily usage on a large set of new users. It is quite annoying for my mac freezing in the way I am using. What’s worse is that I make me feel unsafe to use this machine, and always feeling it’s gonna stuck. But finally, it is fixed. No freezing after tonight’s update.

No.1 Shortcuts

What really make my working with mac effective is its massive and make-sense shortcuts. With command key combined with another key, I can operate faster than using mouse and trackpad. The most I use is

  • cmd + q for close window or tab
  • cmd + q for quick application
  • cmd + l to select the address bar in browser
  • cmd + t to open a new tab
  • cmd + left/right arrow to the begin/end of line
  • option + left/right move cursor word by word
  • cmd + shift + 4 to screenshot

I believe there are even more shortcuts to boost my usage.

In addition, Alfred, of course, let me open application, file and directory without open folder and folder in finder. Which speed up my productivity a lot.

No.2 Trackpad

I have not using mouse for two weeks. The trackpad is super responsive and really magic with those gestures. The most useful one is multi-screen by four finger swipe left/right. It make good to organizing my applications when I open a lot. And four finger swipe up, to organize my my application automatically. I feel very comfortable and easier with different functional separated screens.

No.3 Screen

When I see an non-retina screen now, I will feel a lot blur. This screen is very precise and with great color. The display resolution is actually 1280x800, making 4 pixels to render 1 pixel. I cannot see the pixel in the screen, or I can see pixel clearly those application without retina-display optimization. I feel very comfortable coding with this screen.

No.4 keyboard

A lot of laptops try to make their keyboard looks like macbook’s. But they failed to make their keyboards type like macbook’s. This keyboard’s type feel is neat. Each key is well separate and with a little curve in from the middle of key, which make you feel explicitly typing right on the key. And the keys’ positions are well set. Make my muscle feel nature and comfortable when I am typing. My last PC’s keys are really bad-positioned.

No.5 Light

I don’t have to carry a so-heavy PC and charger to library everyday.

No.6 Misc

I call them miscellaneous not because they are not important, but they are not the greatest impact for me now. First is the batter life. I can working on it for a whole after without a charge. Second, good looking, yes, it looks beautiful like a art work. Then the charger, very well design. Cable can be well rolled on the charger. The port is magnetic and works for both direction.


The main things in mac is fast, clean and beautiful. I believe I won’t change it in the following three years. Like the Julio, PhD Student of Peter, said, when I get the macbook (a old white plastic one), my life changed. I can feel that it is already change my life.